The HPAV team is excited to offer customers our all new & innovative American DJ AV6 video wall packages. The ADJ AV6 system is an affordable 6mm LED Video Wall suitable for: nightclubs; bars; bands; mobile entertainers; event productions; and houses of worship. We’ve taken the guesswork out of assembling a complete AV6 system. Our AV6 packages include all the components and cables necessary to get up and running with an amazing modular AV6 video wall system as fast as possible.

• Capable of displaying custom text, graphic sequences with effects, video, & more.
• 3-in-1 SMD2121 LED technology ensures crisp & bright video presentation.
• One rigging bar is capable of supporting 20 vertical video panels.
• Modular design allows for expansion and each video processor is capable of supporting up to 21 horizontal panels and 6 vertical.

ADJ AV6 Features:

• Pixel Pitch: 6.0mm (0.25”)
• LED Configuration: 3-in-1 SMD2121 LED
• Pixel Density: 96x96; 27,777 per square meter
• For indoor use only
• Size: 576 x 576 x 75mm / 22.75” x 22.75” x 3”
• Module Quantity: 4
• Weight: 23lbs. / 8.15Kg

ADJ MCTRL-300 Novastar Video Processor for ADJ AV6 video panels

The MCTRL-300 is a controller for ADJ's AV6 LED video panels. It features one DVI signal source input and two RJ45 pixel-data outputs.
The controller is easily configured via USB and it will drive up to 1.3 million pixels supporting the following resolutions: 1280 x 1024, 1024 x 1200, 1600 x 848, 1920 x 712, 2048 x 668.   The MCTRL-300 is an essential component for operation of ADJ AV6 video panels.

ADJ MediaMaster Express 4 Software Package

ArKaos has designed MediaMaster Express to help quickly setup a show that includes video. If you have basic needs of DMX or MIDI synchronization but still want to benefit from the powerful media management and efficient media playback of MediaMaster, the Express edition is your best choice. Drag and drop your visuals on the interface and assign them to DMX or MIDI triggers in a similar way to what made the ArKaos VJ DMX Simple Mode so popular. Simply put, it's the easiest media server software that ever existed.

Media Master Express 4 Features

• Control video layers with just a few DMX dimmers or MIDI notes.
• Work on a single DMX universe or MIDI channel.
• Drag & Drop visuals directly on the main interface.
• Organize your shows with up to 64 patches of 64 cells.
• Control up to 3 parameters per cell via DMX or MIDI.
• Optional fade time on trigger.

* Please note: Media Master Express 4 requires a computer (sold separately).

ADJ AV6 Single Panel Rigging Bar

Single panel rigging bar for AV6 system. Capable of supporting a maximum of 20 vertically hung AV6 panels.

ADJ AV6 50FT Processor to Cabinet Neutrik Connector First Data Cable

AV6 System 50’ 1st data cable, processor to first cabinet with Neutrik Ethercon connectors

ADJ AV6 3FT Cabinet-to-Cabinet Standard Connector Data Link Cable

AV6 System 3’ standard connector data cable, cabinet to cabinet, horizontal and vertical.

ADJ AV6 3FT Power Link Cable

AV6 System 3' power link cable, cabinet to cabinet, horizontal and vertical.

ADJ AV6 15FT Powercon to Edison main power cable

AV6 System 15’ Powercon to Edison main power cable.  

AV6 Video


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